An Introduction to the Blog
In anticipation of the large-scale manufacture for our translucent concrete, we decided to share our insights as to how we came to this point in our developmental cycle.
First large scale prototypes
The images you see (above / below) are the full-scale prototypes that were used during the durability testing and the subsequent promotional video (of which further details can be found below.) Measuring in at 600 x 600 x 320mm, these images should give you an idea as to the size and composition of the finished product, that when pieced together, become part of much larger, translucent façade.
Together, with the help and expertise of Dutch construction agency Hurks, the insulation compound and optical fibres were initially placed into a mould, with the concrete poured in subsequently after and then polished to give a shiny, marble-like aesthetic.
Making of the Video
To show how the product reacts to varying natural light conditions, we decided to make a promotional video. In order to achieve this, we brought in the creative agency, Studio AIRPORT. The resultant film, shot in just one day, used strong artificial lighting and experimented with people moving behind the blocks, to highlight the contrasting levels of translucent light.

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Allowing daylight to permeate helps with energy efficiency by providing natural illumination without ancillary heat, thus reducing the need for additional lighting while saving on artificial ventilation


With the use of optical fibres, walls can allow light to filter-through, creating a more luminescent inner-dwelling


This exceptional building material is unparalleled, and will change the way we view architecture forever


Each self-supporting component can be tailor-made at up to one storey in height. Resilient and strong, Zospeum has the potential to be the building blocks of any exciting and creative, new design project


Through an innovative production technique, the unique building material provides insulation, and adaptive enough for variable façade types

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About the product

Zospeum is a cutting-edge building material that uses up to 30.000 optical fibres per square meter of concrete. It allows light to permeate into living spaces in order for those on the inside to interact better with the outside world. It insulates while remaining strong, applicable for a multitude of architectural applications.

Conceived by a team of leading designers in the Netherlands and spearheaded by architect Peter van Delft Westerhof, the foundation was set for a new concept that used insulation material alongside optical fibres. The core concept was built upon by Dutch construction agency Hurks, realising the original team’s ideas, bringing the translucent concrete to life.

This revolutionary compound will provide the world with a greater potential for creativity, allowing designers to turn darkness into light. As a construction material, Zospeum provides insulation, remains strong and is good for the environment, as well as being translucent. We are on the verge of a new world of architectural possibilities. Isn’t it time to start building with daylight?


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